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Forum Announcement: Frequently Asked Questions
-- Frequently Asked Questions --

Q: It says that HWID limit has been reached, what do I do?
A: You will have to provide solid proof of owning your computer and make a thread in the HWID Reset subforum,
your thread will be closed when it is accepted and it usually does not take longer than a few hours.

Q: I have two computers, can I use Future on both computers?
A: You may only use Future on one computer per forum account. Purchasing a second forum account is suggested.
Q: How do I open the installer?
A: You double-click on it and wait around 20 seconds, if it does not open you have a bad installation of Java. Download new Java from here: If downloading Java does not fix the issue, then try this program:
If you are on Linux and the installer does not open, then you need to fix your java using this command: `update-alternatives --config java`

Q: I am using Linux and the game is saying error accessing the authentication files.
A: This is most likely a permissions or sandbox restriction for example if you are using Flatpak you will need to allow permissions to our directory by running the command: `flatpak override com.mojang.Minecraft --filesystem="~/Future"` if you are using the vanilla launcher. If you are not using an alternative launcher in Flatpak you will need to find the package name for your launcher and replace it in the command.

Q: Why does it say invalid credentials when I try to log into the installer?
A: You need to set a new password/email on your account in the User CP.
Q: Why does the client not open?
A: You need to select the proper Fabric or Minecraft Forge version that it requires. Click the up arrow next to the Play button in the launcher or if it doesn’t contain it you need to set it to launch that exact version in the launch configurations. If it does not work at all you can try deleting your .minecraft folder, and reinstalling Minecraft and Future.
Q: Why does it say "Error connecting to validation server. It is most likely down."?
A: You most likely have a bad connection or are connected to a VPN. Our authentication server should never go offline unless we are doing maintenance work. Usually, a retry of opening the client fixes the issue.
Q: Why can I not log into my accounts in the account manager?
A: Make sure you are using the correct email and password combo for the account. If that does not work, Mojang has blocked you because you logged into an account less than 30 seconds before the last try. To get unblocked you have to wait 5 minutes or log onto the account in the Minecraft launcher or go on a VPN.
Q: How do I bind something?
A: .bind Aura R
Q: How do I open the Click GUI?
A: If the ClickGUI doesn't open with right shift you need to rebind it: .bind ClickGUI RSHIFT (In Minecraft 1.13 and above it's RIGHT_SHIFT)

Q: How do I make the Click GUI smaller so it doesn't go out of the screen.
A: Options -> Video Settings -> Gui Scale -> Normal or Small. You can also use .clickgui scale 0.5.
Q: How do I use the macros?
A: Adding macros: ".macro add key arguments". Example: ".macro add K .speed mode strafe". Removing macros: ".macro remove key". Example: ".macro remove K".
Q: How do I get rid of the HUD?
A: Toggle off the HUD by using the command ".t hud" or disabling it from within the GUI.
Q: How do I open the Future folder?
A: It is located in your user's folder. For example, mine is C:\Users\Kalju\Future, on Linux you may access it from ~/Future. You may also use the command .openfolder to open the folder.
Q: How do I use the NoteBot and AutoTuner?
A: You have to be standing in the center of 5x5 noteblocks which are underneath you. Make sure there is dirt or air under the noteblocks to make them a piano. Then you can toggle autotuner on and it tunes them all. Once finished you can open your Future folder and open the "songs" folder, if there are no songs in there type ".downloadsongs" in-game and you'll have the songs. Open the songs folder back up and read the song name you want to play. Once you find a suitable song you can type ingame ".loadsong songname". Once you have loaded a song you can toggle NoteBot on.
Q: How do I stop getting kicked when trying to use AutoTuner and/or Notebot?
A: Go to single-player and toggle the module off. The reason for you getting kicked is because you instantly log on and it tries to click all the noteblocks at the same time. The proper way to do it is to log on jump around for 30 seconds and then try to tune/play the note blocks.

Q: How do I get more songs in NoteBot?
A: To create new song files you have to use SongStealer in a noteblock world or steal other people's songs when they are playing them.
Q: I typed .unload, how do I get the client back working?
A: Close down Minecraft and your Minecraft launcher. Then open the Future installer and press Install Future on the Minecraft version you were playing, once it finishes you can reopen Minecraft.

Q: Why are my chat commands not working?
A: Close Minecraft, open the Future folder, delete the command_prefix.txt file, and start up Minecraft again.

Q: How do I use Xray?
A: Xray in our client is called Wallhack. We have two modes on our Wallhack. Circuits shows all things related to redstone. Normal mode shows all the ores. To add blocks to wallhack you have to use this command: ".wallhack blocks add diamond_ore". To see what is the block name, press F3 and on the right side of the screen it shows "minecraft:something_something". 

Q: How do I use waypoints?
A: To add waypoints type: ".wadd label x y z" Example: ".waypointsadd base 30000 69 -420".
   To remove waypoints type: ".wremove label" Example: ".waypointsremove base".

Q: Why does my game keep crashing, where do I send the crash report?
A: Post a thread in support saying what were you using and doing exactly. Attach the crash report from .minecraft/crash-reports, if there is no crash report then attach latest.log.

Q: Why does my game crash when I launch the client?
A: You have old mods in your mods folder. %appdata%\.minecraft\mods. Make sure there are no mods in the root of the mods folder! Mods go into the proper folder like this: 

Q: I want a feature in Future, can you make it?
A: Please explain what the feature/module has to do and I'll see if I can make it into a reality.

Q: How do I use the spammer?
A: Open the Future folder and go into the spammer folder and place your .txt files in there. Inside the txt's fill in as many lines as you want (atleast more than one, we don't have a looping function yet). Once you have the .txt's in there you open the game back up and make sure "Mineplex" is disabled in the spammer and mode is set to File and leave some delay aswell. Then type .spammerfile filename (!! NOT filename.txt !!) Video tutorial:
Q: How do I use the Future Chat?
A: Future Chat is with @ infront of your message. Make sure the Chat feature is enabled.

Q: How do I use the InventoryCleaner module?
A: By default InvCleaner has no items in the list to clean, so you have to add whatever items you want into the list manually. To add items to the cleaning list, you can use this command: ".invcleaner items add|remove current" (Gets the current held item and adds or removes it). ".invcleaner items add wooden" (Makes all items containing "wooden" get thrown out of the inventory, for example wooden sword). ".invcleaner items add leather" (Makes all items containing the name leather get dumped out of your inventory, for example Leather Chestplate).

Q: Why does my game crash instantly? My computer language contains unicode (Arabic, Turkish, etc).
A: Set your Minecraft launch arguments: -Xmx2G -Duser.language=en -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:G1NewSizePercent=20 -XX:G1ReservePercent=20 -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=50 -XX:G1HeapRegionSize=16M

If you got any more questions, please let us know.